Case Studies

Nuneaton, a new bridge helps link schools to the town centre.

A new walking and cycling bridge was built spanning the West Coast Mainline and linked by parkland paths to primary schools in Whitestone, and to George Elliot Community Secondary School just off National Route 52. Signs advertise this largely traffic free route from the town centre.

What does the local community think?

The additional use highlighted by the statistics below shows how the local community benefited, they wouldn’t be using the route unless it made a difference to their lives:

• Usage is nearly 140,000 trips per year, half if which are made by children

• Children going to and from school account for 49,555 walking and cycling trips per year

• 30% of respondents could have used a car but chose not to

• Almost 75% of those surveyed have found that the route has helped then to increase their levels of physical activity

• Just under 15% of cyclists stated that they have just started cycling again and 8% of users were registered disabled