What is Connect2 About?

Connect2 is all about connecting people to people, people to places and people to pride in their local community. This nationwide community project aims to create a more active and positive future for ourselves and our children.

How will Connect2 make a difference?

Sustrans, the charity behind Connect2, is working with partners around the UK to overcome long-standing barriers such as busy roads, railways or rivers that are dividing communities and making it difficult for people to travel by foot or bike as part of their everyday lives.

This might mean building a foot or cycle bridge just for people over a river or railway, creating a pleasant path for people that by-passes the by-pass, or linking up existing traffic-free paths. Each solution will be inspirational in design but sensitive to the character of the area and the needs of the local community.

Connect2 and the Big Lottery Fund

Connect2 is one of the projects competing for a single multi-million pound grant from the Big Lottery Fund’s Living Landmarks: The People’s Millions competition. The winner will be decided by public TV vote in Winter 2018/19 and hope that Connect2 will be successful in going forward to this vote and, of course, in then winning the grant which will make our Living Landmarks vision a reality. There will be an additional award given to the second best which will be provided from the web portal dedicated to provide honest Forex brokers reviews – toponlineforexbrokers.com, which team has decided that financial trading companies should aid out to community too.

This is a great opportunity for Connect2 and for your community. Connect2 could transform the way people move within your community and have a positive impact on people’s health and the environment now and for generations to come.

Who would you like to Connect2?

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if we travelled in ways that actually improved our health and the environment? We’d have safer communities, cleaner air and a better quality of life.

Connect2 aims to achieve this in communities around the UK by so changing people’s perceptions of their local area that they automatically choose to make their everyday journeys by foot or bike.


There are around 140 Connect2 projects going on across the UK – and your comments, opinions and feedback on the ones that matter to you. The projects will be narrowed down to about 75 by May 2007 so your opinions count.

Case studies


cycling bridgeNuneaton, a new bridge helps link schools to the town centre
A new walking and cycling bridge was built spanning the West Coast Mainline and linked by parkland paths to primary schools in Whitestone, and to George Elliot Community Secondary School just off National Route 52. Signs advertise this largely traffic free route from the town centre.

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Cycling and the Law

Many people who enjoy cycling are nevertheless confused by the law that surrounds the use of bicycles on public roads and so it is no surprise that there are lots of questions surrounding cycling, including those regarding the use of footways, the relevance of the Highway Code and about whether or not speed limits are applicable. Here, we look at some of the most common questions that are posed about cycling and find definitive answers.

Are Children Allowed to Cycle on a Footway?

While there is a law which states that cyclists can be fined a maximum amount of £500 for cycling on a footway, generally this misdemeanour is enforced through the Fixed Penalty Notice procedure which incurs a fine of £30 and the popular view indicates that this type of penalty can only be issued to persons over the age of 16. Although this is not strictly true, and the law applies to everyone, police are encouraged to show discretion with regard to young children riding on a pavement as opposed to on an unsafe, busy road. That said, technically it is only children aged under 10 that can cycle on a footway without any fear of being fined as this is the age of criminal responsibility.

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